Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Letter I'd Like to Send

December, 2007
Dear Family and Friends, (and those whom I don't even like but am obligated to keep on the mailing list):

Merry Christmas!
I'm running a little late on the newsletter update and I ask your forgiveness.
I say that I'm late only because I have already received so many of yours. And from reading them, it appears that everything is just perfect in your world. Isn't that wonderful??!!

So I'm going to try and update you all on our past year. And I find it absolutely amazing that another year has already passed. I still have Spring seeds that needed to be planted. Maybe they'll still be good for next year?

The leader of our pack is in fine health. Which is good. He needs it. Especially since he's still overworked and underpaid. But the great part is that he doesn't drink since we simply couldn't afford it, anyway.

I'm still at home with kids all day and all night and weekends and Holidays, too. I'm absolutely not using my college education at this point. And at which point I could, I'll probably be too old, anyway.

All three kids are still home. Only two are legally old enough to make the choice to leave. I'm actually glad to have them here. We spend an awful lot of time together as a family even though many think it strange.

The oldest dropped out of college after a year, deciding that he just didn't want to further his education. He just flat out didn't like it. But he is working full-time and paying his own bills and taxes so he's not a drain on society. And for all who keep asking, no he's not dating anyone and no, he's not getting married any time soon. Thankfully, he's smart enough not to rush into something like that. But if it does change, we'll let you know.

The middle kid is going to college and loves it. So far she has a straight "A" average and as good as that might sound, I worry that she'll become suicidal when she gets her first "B". Seems that, for all our years of homeschooling, she just can't lose that anal-retentive thing she has going. But she did graduate high school top in her class. Out of all one of graduating seniors. And in case you're going to ask, no, she doesn't have a boyfriend and no, she's also not getting married anytime soon. Ditto on the letting you know part....

The youngest is in 6th grade and doesn't hate writing as much as she used to. But she'd still rather hang out with Daddy at work and I imagine she'll attend a trade school when she gradutaes high school. But that's a few years off and things could change. Until then, she prefers only hands-on activities although I insist on the 3 R's along with those. And no, she's not dating or engaged. Just. Don't. Ask. Ok?

The girls still have their share of fusses. And all three do get on my nerves from time to time. But they're mine and I love them. And I haven't killed them.

We're still in debt. Emergencies still set us back financially. And we have no plans to travel in the future. Except to the grocery store. And the feed store. No cruise information will be forthcoming. Or flights to a foreign country. Or cross-country trips.

No, we can't come see you. Not only can we not afford to at this point but we also have many animals that have to be fed daily. Some require feedings twice a day. Yes, you can come here but only if you'll be good guests and limit your visits and keep your opinions to yourselves. You haven't been really good at that thus far.

And for those of you who've hinted for us to send you money. Get real. Ain't happening. But hey! We don't want any of yours, either.

Big hug to you all till next year,
The Family

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