Saturday, November 24, 2007

What Could Be Worse?

I just read about another man who's leaving his wife.
It's always a sad thing when a marriage breaks up.
But in the world of religion you'd think it's the worst thing.

No, divorce isn't good.
It's a loss that gets no respect.
There's a grieving process no matter the reason.
There are the feelings of being a failure.
There's shame. Lots of shame.
And sides are chosen.
And friends disappear.
And the financial costs...

And when there are children, there are a huge amount of new problems.

But there are worse things than divorce.

Like women (or men) who stay in abusive marriages because it would be a "sin" to leave.
Or those who are left who have no education or job skills.


Patriot said...

Divorce is a very sad thing for all involved. I've just had a friend go through that. But you're absolutely right in saying that Christ's love and grace is big enough.

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Sassy said...

Thanks for stopping by! =D

Divorce is ugly. And sad.

I'll check out the giveaway....